your process

We will take you through each step of the process and keep you updated on our progress. The actual process is as follows:


We look at your business and together we decide what kind of video would best suit your needs and devise a commercial campaign.

We make a professional, informative video that will appeal to your target market.

We put the video on your website (if you have one) and then use Google Search Ads and Facebook ads to gain a targeted audience.

You will get more customers who are actually interested and willing to spend money on your product. 

Commercial Campaign us

We understand that you only care about results and want to do as little as possible to get them. We’ll do all the work and provide you the results giving you freedom to continue to expand your business.

We’ll set up the time-frame for you and keep you informed along the way. We’ll create the video and send the message out to potential customers.

Once a campaign is setup we will send you reports so you can see the results flowing. We’ll keep you updated on a regular basis as much or as less as you want.