Your team

“Meet the Filmmakers”

Dizzy Patel


creative film producer

“A professional, hard-working but easy-going English Indian Actor and Filmmaker. Passionate and enthusiastic about film”

Monika Wahlgren


film director

“A prolific English-Swedish Director and Filmmaker who produces visually stunning and diverse films” 

Ashok salien


Executive Producer

One of India’s best known photographers. He is also praised for the beautiful films he directs and produces” 

About us

We are a multi-disciplined international team, with different cultural backgrounds. We have several film crews in the UK, Sweden and India which gives us a diverse range of skills and resources to create unique and impactful video for your organisation.

We’re not only passionate film but also passionate about achieving the end result you want to reach with video.

Whether its create brand awareness, sell a product or service, generate calls and enquiries, educate or promote an event we work with you to develop the perfect story board, script, call to action and marketing strategy to achieve your goals.


We initially started off as a film production company looking to decrease costs in the filmmaking process. We wanted to do more for our clients.

 After consulting IT specialists we decided to incorporate online advertising into our film campaigns. This allowed us to control which specific group of customers would be targeted for the film.  Thus, giving a more  beneficial service to our clients by increasing their customer base and brand awareness.

Technology is now fast growing to be a bigger part of our business.